April 20, 2010

Flying Apron

The "Flying Apron" is a gluten-free and vegan bakery in Seattle Washington (Ballard neighborhood to be more exact). It is one of a kind! The "Flying Apron" has finally published a cookbook with all their wonderful recipes! I picked up the cookbook last week and I can't bake the recipes fast enough.

So here is a little plug for "Flying Apron" by Jennifer Katzinger (her and her father opened the bakery back in 2002). If you are on a gluten-free diet, if you are vegan or if you just like to switch up your diet on a daily basis by using various flours and sweeteners (this would be our families reason ;)) then this cookbook is a must for your kitchen library! (I got it for $14 bucks at Costco)

I'll be sure to post the recipes on my blog as I slowly make my way through these original and exciting gluten-free and vegan recipes.

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