March 5, 2009

The focus of our meals:

The focus of our meals are: simple, down home, back to basics, nutritionally dense foods. My goal in most of the recipes I post (some of the recipes I will post have only a pure indulgence factor) is to focus on Whole Food ingredients.

What is a Whole Food? A whole food has only one ingredient - itself. I enjoy the definition that Cynthia Lair uses in her book, "Feeding the Whole Family". Cynthia Lair's definition is as follows:

If you want to know whether a food is whole or not, ask yourself these questions:

- Can I imagine it growing? (It is easy to picture a wheat-field or an apple on a tree. Tough to picture a field of marsh-mellows.)

- How many ingredients does it have? (A whole food has only one ingredient --- itself.)

- What's been done to the food since it was harvested? (The less the better. Many foods we eat no longer resemble anything found in nature.)

- Is this product "part" of a food or the "whole" entity? (Juice is only a "part" of a fruit)

Most of the ingredients in the recipes you will find on our site have not been stripped, refined, bleached, injected, hydrogenated, chemically treated, gassed, irradiated, genetically modified, grown with hoemones, fertilizers, pesticides, antifungal agents and herbicides. The ingredients in these recipes still have "life" left in them, and you should be able to pronounce each one!

Warning: You will see some unbleached white flour, brown sugar or powdered white sugar being used in a handful of recipes I post. I am not that extreme. :)

One last focus of our meals you should know---- everything in moderation!

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